Our latest projects
Manure disposal projects

The photos of manure disposal projects implemented by our company. All projects implemented in cooperation with Amitech LLC.

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Ventilation system for cowshed

The photos of ventilation system for cowshed projects implemented by our company.

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Special offer

About private unitary enterprise AgrovitaService

Private unitary enterprise AgrovitaService features the newest technological and technical solutions to animal breeding in the Republic of Belarus. We offer our customers only the best and tried in operation equipment and technologies from Western European and USA. We believe that it is the innovation that allows our farming enterprises achieve the maximally efficient economic results.

Our services include the following ones: turnkey construction of milk and product building complexes, rebuilding and re-equipment of old farms. Besides we provide consulting services on optimal design of milk and product building complexes, deliver spare parts and deal with servicing.

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Why customers choose us?

Close cooperation with the foremost suppliers from Western Europe allows us to introduce the most necessary and effective technologies in Belarus and use the products produced here to the maximal efficiency of the imported equipment.

We represent such companies, as Stallkamp, Kraiburg, GEAFarmTechnologies (Westaflia), Suevia, Kerbl, Huesker, Beerepoot, Silicoform и др.

Best offers

Coating for pre-milking and milking parlors by Kraiburg

Liquid manure storage system by Stallkamp

Product catalog

Ventilation for cowsheds and milk/milking parlors Watering, water circulation and heating systems Milking machinery Feeding Mats, coating for animals Manure disposal and liquid manure storage Fly protection system Mixed fodder storage systems Hoof handling machinery Box stall equipment Brushes for animals